We are not a girl band.


Yes, it started with four girls collaborating together in a small bedroom in Brooklyn, and yes, all of our songs are going to be from a woman's point of view, obviously. However, we create songs that resonate with anyone that's felt they weren't good enough, or were in a bad relationship, but didn't realize until they were too attached to know better. Songs for people that don't care about what anyone thinks about them, but more for the people that don't want to care, but unfortunately, really, really do. Songs about moving on and staying in the same place at the same time. 



These are experiences most people have gone through, and those are the people we love to see dancing and singing along with us at our shows. We release that frustration together, and if that's though dancing, getting angry, or even crying, we'll be right there with you, cause life sucks. 



We can't blame you for looking at a picture of us and thinking we're a "girl band", after all, we are 80% female; girl power, and all that. Still, we're just a regular band. A band trying our best to make music that people can connect to, regardless of gender. We're not a girl band, we're just the cutest band to ever come out. Also, our drummer is a boy. 



We're Chatterbox.

Erika, Temaya, Manuel, Madison, Sarah

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